CKSD Closure and Delay Procedures
What to do in case of school closures and delays.
Posted on 12/19/2018

Bad weather and other emergencies sometimes result in changes to school or bus schedules. In some cases, we may need to dismiss students early. At other times, we may cancel or delay school for the day. During bad weather, we will announce changes between 6 and 8 a.m. If we don’t make a weather-related announcement by 8 a.m., it means schools and buses are operating normally.

The following changes may be made to school schedules:

  • Schools Closed: All classes, meetings, daycare in schools, field trips, after school/evening activities and community schools classes will be canceled. There will not be out-of-district transportation.

  • Schools Open Two Hours Late: Schools will start two hours late. Buses pick up students at their regular locations, but two hours later than normal. On occasion, we also limit bus service when we delay school. We will dismiss students at the regular time unless otherwise announced. If a school delay occurs on a Thursday morning, we will dismiss schools at the regular weekday dismissal time (no early release). In some cases, kindergarten, preschool, out-of-district transportation, and after school student or community activities may be canceled.

  • Early dismissal: In rare situations, such as a utility failure or a community incident, we may need to cancel classes early. In some cases, we may also cancel athletic and extracurricular events at affected schools. Your child’s school will inform you if extracurricular activities are also canceled.

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