Dear Silver Ridge families,


What a wild week of weather we have had! Our district’s geography varies just enough to make it difficult for a large part of the district to get to and from school when the roads at higher elevations are icy or snowy. I know I was wishing for more snow if we had a snow day call, but I am also very glad that families and staff were not put at risk by driving in unsafe conditions and that students who wouldn’t have been able to make it in will have the same learning opportunities as everyone else when we make up those days. It’s always a hard call to make, and I appreciate our district leadership getting up and driving the roads themselves to see what conditions are like in real time.


With that being said, because the roads on the west side of our district are still not fully cleared, despite plowing all weekend, and with the expected drop to freezing temperatures tonight, we will start with a two hour delay tomorrow. Breakfast will not be served but lunch will be. 


On another note, Silver Ridge PTA is hosting the Holiday Shop this week, starting on Tuesday. Flyers were set to be sent home on Friday, but because of our snow cancellation, you can expect the informational flyer tomorrow instead. Please also refer to the PTA Facebook page and PTA emails for more information about the Holiday Shop. Students love being able to choose gifts for friends and family from the Holiday Shop. Helping your child plan beforehand for what that shopping should look like would be wonderful!


Thank you for all that you do. Together we do great things! 


Tina Piper, Principal


What's Happening


Monday, December 5

  1. Two-hour delay has been called. Doors will open at 11:00. School starts at 11:10. 

Tuesday, December 6

  • Holiday shop opens for students. Please refer to PTA flyer and Silver Ridge PTA FB page for more information.
  • Secure and teach drill at 2:00

Monday, Dec 12

  • Fundraiser at Chipotle      
  • PTA board meeting

Thursday, December 15

  • 3rd grade KRL field trip
  • Choir Concert at 1:00 and 6:00

Thursday, December 22

  • Report Cards go home

Friday, December 23

  • Last day before Winter Break


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