Good evening Silver Ridge families,


As we enter the second month of school, I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing school community! All staff care so much about your children. As we navigate the year together, I hope you feel the care and consideration for students that I get to witness everyday! 


Each month, we have a whole school focus on life skills that support student growth. This month’s focus is “how to be a learner.” Did you know that we can gain skills that make learning easier? 


Our first skill related to learning is whole-body listening. When we listen with our whole body, our eyes watch and our bodies face the speaker, our ears listen, and our voices are quiet. I know that there are times when it’s hard for me to slow down and use whole body listening, but when I do, I am guaranteed to absorb so much more of the information that I am given. If you try this out at home with your child, let me know how it’s going!


Upcoming events:

1) Federal Impact Aid Survey:

  • Tomorrow, Monday, October 3, the Federal Impact Aid Survey goes live. You can find the digital version in PowerSchool. You can find Power School here. The results of the survey affect our federal funding, so we really appreciate the survey being completed at your earliest convenience! 
  • If you have never logged into PowerSchool, give the office a call at 360-662-9500 to get your child’s access code.

2) Returning Student Check-in:

  • While you are in PowerSchool, if you haven’t done your returning student check-in, you can do that at the same time.

3) Student absences:

  • If your child is sick, please let the office know. You can call 360-662-9500 or you can report the absence on the Silver Ridge website here.

4) Picture Day this Friday, October 7! 

  • School pictures act as a time capsule as a child grows. I hope you decide to take advantage of this opportunity. Fancy Friday anyone?

And now for some thank yous:

Thank you to all the families who are helping to ensure students (who are not getting school breakfast or going to Champions) are arriving at 9:00! I appreciate your help keeping students safe by allowing students to wait in cars until an adult opens the door at one of our cones and helping students who walk from home to time their arrival. Thank you! Thank you!


TEAM families, just a reminder that you can drop students off at Ridgetop. Thank you to the parent volunteers helping with TEAM drop off in the morning! 


Finally, I am sure that several of you have, like I have, friends and family who were affected by Hurricane Ian this weekend. Luckily, the people I love made it through safely and have relayed how their community has come together to help clean up and begin the recovery process. Natural disasters are out of our control but building strong communities are well within our control. Thank you for being a part of our strong community!


Thankyou for all that you do. Together we can do great things!

Tina Piper, Principal

What's Happening

  • Monday, October 3: Federal Impact Aid Survey
  • Friday, October 7: Picture Day

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